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Martin Kelleher Property Services also provides Building Energy Ratings (BER’s).

We have been providing ratings since the start of the BER scheme in 2009, and are highly experienced having assessed many different types of houses from A to G ratings.

NOTE - If we are already selling or renting the property we cannot carry out a BER Rating under the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) rules.

Prices for a BER assessment vary due to location, size of the property, whether it has extension etc but we can guarantee our price will be extremely competitive and we will clearly explain the process.

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By Martin Kelleher

Basically this is an EU directive to be complied with by all EU countries in order to make the energy performance of buildings visible.

Currently the average house produces in the region of 5 tones of carbon dioxide annually and Ireland's housing stock accounts for a quarter of our total greenhouse gas emissions.

Martin Kelleher BER Cert

The following are typical questions people are asking about this new scheme.

What is a BER (Building Energy Rating)

It is a certificate stating the energy performance of a building using a scale of A-G. A-rated homes are the most energy efficient and G the least efficient. It’s something similar to the cert on modern household electrical appliances. BER will allow buyers and tenants to take energy performance into consideration in their decision to purchase or rent a building.

Who must get a BER

A BER cert is required for all homes currently for sale or rent. (Also required for most nonresidential buildings for sale or rent)

There are exemptions for certain categories of buildings, eg. Protected Structures and certain temporary buildings. The onus is on the owner to get it done and must be available to view by prospective buyers or tenants.

New Homes

New homes offered for sale off plans also require a BER. In these cases, a Provisional BER will be issued based upon the design drawings and building specifications. When the home is completed, the final BER can be carried out.


There is no set fee. The advice is to shop around. Make sure to confirm all fees prior to commissioning a BER assessment. Prices for a typical house come in at around €150 plus VAT. This includes the €25 fee to SEI. For that you should get your Cert and Advisory Report on how you can improve the house.

How long is it Valid for

Up to 10 years provided that there is no material change to the dwelling that could affect its energy performance.

How is a BER calculated

The assessor will need to inspect the building sketching elevations, floor plans, orientation, shelter factors etc. Windows/Doors are measured, examined & noted for orientation. The building fabric is examined and the attic will be accessed to measure insulation, construction etc. The water and space heating systems are examined in detail. Other factors are taken into account such as ventilation, renewable energy sources, associated pumps and fans and internal lighting.

Measurements and the information is inputted into the assessor’s laptop and the rating is calculated. An air pressure test is required on new build houses.

Advisory Report and What Can Be Done to Improve a BER

The advisory report which accompanies the BER certificate will contain recommendations on how to improve the energy performance of the dwelling. This may encourage the carrying out of energy performance improvement works such as:

  • Insulating the hot water cylinder and pipework;
  • Increasing the insulation in the walls/attic/floor;
  • Installing better window glazing
  • Controlled healthy ventilation, e.g. Heat exchangers;
  • Replacing an old or inefficient boiler with a more efficient boiler;
  • Installing modern heating controls, e.g., Thermostatic Rad Valves
  • Installing certain types of renewable energy heating systems, e.g. Solar panels

For this reason, the advisory report will be a key document. It may be particularly useful to those who have just purchased an existing dwelling which they plan to improve or remodel in their early stages of occupation.

What if you don’t get a BER

There is a maximum fine of up to €5,000 for not having a BER cert when required. Furthermore a solicitor will not be able to sign off on a house sale without one.

For more information please contact us, at 023 8859111 or 086 8500967. We are qualified, registered and Insured Building Energy Rating Assessors.